What and How to Order Plans
Ted Mahaffey Home Designs LLC has selected some of  the best of their many home designs
to provide a wide range of homes for you to review. These plans are being offered at a
savings up to 50% less than the original cost to produce.
We also do revisions to suit your individual needs. Consult us for costs involved. Simple
revisions can be made between you and the contractor by marking plans in red and avoiding
the additional charges.
All plans include elevations, floor plan, basement plan (where applicable), foundation plan,
roof plan, electrical layout, cross sections and notes related to construction. While kitchen
cabinets are included in the plan view, these will be finalized between the home owner and
cabinet supplier. Plumbing diagrams and heating and cooling details and layout will be
planned by local contractors to meet their specifications and local codes.
Plans are provided and licensed to you for the construction of one house. Additional houses
constructed from these plans will be 75% of the original cost for each house,
i.e.: 535.00 @ 75% = 401.25.  

Option I Complete Set of Construction Plans
This is what you need for the construction of your log home, to satisfy the contractor, subs,
bank and building inspector. Some local codes may require additional approval on some parts
of a plan, through an engineering firm. Plan sizes are 36"x24".
A-Plans: Five Sets                                                               $475.00
B-Plans: Five Sets                                                               $575.00
C-Plans: Five Sets                                                               $635.00
D-Plans: Five Sets                                                               $685.00
Each additional sets may be ordered                                  $  15.00
Reverse Set add:                                                                 $  75.00

Option II Review Set for Modification                               $ 100.00
Printed on 11”x17” sheets, the review set includes elevations and floor plans.
These are stamped “not for construction” and legally cannot be used for construction.
$50.00 will be credited to future purchase of full sets of same plan.
Included with Option II are 8 1/2 x 11"
sheets to be used for custom modifications.
See "Custom Designs" link for details.

Option III Set of Reproducible Plans
We recommend this when you wish to make multiple blueprint sets.

Prints are printed and shipped by USPS or UPS. Shipping is included in price.
Second day shipping at cost.
Ted Mahaffey Home Designs LLC